U-Mask Anti Pollution Mask

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Protect yourself from air pollution caused by staying close to a car exhaustion while riding your bike or while jogging or taking a walk with the first BIOTECH anti-pollution mask in the world. Most N95 masks, dust masks, and allergy masks are not effective on the finest contaminants and, most of all, they don’t destroy pollution but blocks it only. Surgical masks provide the lowest protection from urban pollution and are frequently used for the wrong purpose. The U-Ox BIO-ACTIVE TM Layer inside the U-mask uses replaceable activated carbon cloth or surgery medical masks. Because of its unique ingredients, U-Ox proprietary formula enzyme compound BIO-degrades the harmful compounds, viruses and pathogenic bacteria instead of simply filtering them. Created by U-earth Biotechnologies, a Swiss company leader in biological professional air purification, and provider of Pure Air Zones worldwide, U-mask can also be considered as a premium and stylish accessory with the best selection of exclusive design patterns. Over 30 different colors and styles have been designed by fashion stylists to combine fashion and high technology for an ultimate urban accessory experience. One accessory that looks beautiful and saves your life too!

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