Uitto – The Biocomposite Skateboard

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The Uitto Biocomposite Skateboard is a fun-loving, eco-friendly cruiser. It is forgiving and smooth to ride, while still enabling tricks and rougher riding. Biocomposites bring the traditional wooden board into this day and age. Without sacrificing build integrity or quality, biocomposite boards are highly ecological, being fully recyclable and non-toxic. They also weather the elements, wear and tear superiorly to traditional skateboards. The deck itself comes in three colors: bark, moss, and stone. Due to the organic flow of the wood fibers during manufacture, each board has its unique pattern. Uitto “Ride-On-Rough” 59mm 80a -wheels provide a smooth ride, even on rougher surfaces. Still, they’re hard enough to sneak in the occasional power slide!

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