Ultralite Inflatable Life Jacket and Swim Tube by Restube

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Across water sports, boating, and in water-based professions, water-safety equipment is often bulky, restrictive, expensive, and in many cases is not even worn by those in and on the water. At Restube they have developed a solution that provides wearers with freedom of movement, compact design, and at a lower price point. They have designed, engineered, and released one of the lightest and most compact inflatable water safety devices to date. Since their first Restube inflatable flotation tube hit the market, they have sold over 60,000 devices, saving more than 25 lives around the world. In 2016, they are introducing two new Restube products; The Ultralite Life Jacket and the Ultralite Swim Tube! The Ultralite Life Jacket weighs in at a mere 0.6 lbs (260 grams) and utilizes official Restube CO2-Cartridges. The waist belt is constructed of nylon strap and includes a D-ring for additional accessories such as a SUP leash. The inflation bag comes equipped with an LED beacon, reflector tape, survival whistle, and a neck strap. Once inflated the Ultralite Life Jacket can be deflated and reused time and again! The Ultralite Swim Tube is engineered for use in all water environments from casual water-based activates to competitive swimming to water-born rescues. Weighting only 0.44 lbs (200 grams) with neutral weight in water, the Ultralite Swim Tube provides the wearer with unhindered freedom of movement. The Ultralite Swim Tube comes equipped with an LED beacon, survival whistle, reflective tape, and the same high-quality nylon belt and buckle found on the Ultralite Life Jacket. All Restube water-safety products meet US and EU water buoyancy standards. Currently, through our Kickstarter campaign, The Ultralite Life Jacket pre-order will be available for $65 (~60€) and the Ultralite Swim Tube for $75 (~€72). Chose the best water-safety device for boating, water sports, or professional on and in the water needs. Check out their Kickstarter campaign now!

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