UNDO Laces – Offset the Carbon Footprint of Shoes with Style

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UNDO Labs is a New York and Istanbul-based design and innovation studio that rethinks our environmental relationship with man-made products. We do this by redesigning simple products in an innovative way and offering a carbon offset mechanism through which users of our products can “undo” the environmental damage created by some of the items they use. Our first such product is UNDO Laces, an innovative take on the plain old shoelace. Why a shoelace as our first product? The shoe is one of the most environmentally damaging items we wear due the raw materials used and intensity of manufacturing processes. So we created our first product to undo the damage of the shoe industry. Here’s how it works: You buy a pair of undo laces, UNDO Labs offsets the carbon footprint of a pair of shoes by purchasing carbon offset credits from a wind energy, solar energy or reforestation project on your behalf. Functional Innovation: We did not only want to create a product that’s good for the world, but also wanted it to make an aesthetic statement and offer functional innovation in a simple product such as a shoelace.

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