UpLamp – The Very First Lampless Lamp

$49 USD
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What makes the UpLamp one of a kind is the fact that this lamp is illuminated by your phone’s LED. It is the world’s first lampless lamp that can be used to light up your room in a completely new way. This can be your next bedside companion which has a number of uses. You can use it as a smartphone docking station, operate it with a hand clap or dim the light by waving your hands. The lamp will fall asleep within 30 minutes of no movement and can even wake up with you if required! it has an alarm with light that will snooze with a clap! UpLamp utilizes the smartphone’s flash camera as its light source, allowing its sensor’s eco-system to control your desired amount of light. A perfect way to make the most of your phone even when it is docked on your bedside table.

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