Dyson Cyclone V10 Cordless Vacuum

$499 USD
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Efficiently clean any space with the Dyson Cyclone V10 Cordless Vacuum. Featuring a V10 digital motor, the Dyson Cyclone offers powerful performance. In fact, its suction is around 20% better than its predecessor, the V8. Plus, the V10 comes with a 40% larger bin that holds most dirt and dust. It also allows improved airflow due to the vertical placement of the shaft since it only has to move in a straight line. Additionally, the Cyclone V10 weighs just 125 grams, making it light enough to lift up when cleaning ceiling corners. However, what really stands out with the V10 vacuum is its impressive battery life, which works for up to an hour on a single charge. Just charge the vacuum for 3.5 hours to give it a full charge. Furthermore, it comes with a variety of modes and cleaning head options, depending on your requirements.

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