Vakka Storage Boxes by Aalto+Aalto

$189 USD
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Stay organized and fashionable with the Vakka Storage Boxes by Aalto+Aalto. Always ones for multifunctionality, these boxes are rich in Scandinavian style and can be easily stacked to maximize your space. The Vakka Storage Boxes can also serve as a handy side table next to your bed or couch when stacked to your desirable height. The top has a small cut out hole to allow you to remove the lid with ease. The Vakka Storage Boxes come in a beautiful birch plywood and are complete with smooth rounded edges. They also feature a small indent for a handle on the base of each side to be easily picked up and moved to access the boxes underneath. Whether you’re storing blankets or toys or just using them as a side table, the Vakka Storage Boxes help finish the décor of any room.

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