The Most Versatile Backpack With A.B.C. Functions

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With the backpack by A.B.C. Functions, you will not only be able to carry your belongings but securely protect, charge your electronics and track your items at all times. The backpack has been implemented with a Bluetooth lock that is connected to your cell phone. It unlocks automatically when you get near. You can also customize the lock by KLIFIT app in a daily mode or a travel mode. There is a hidden place for your A.B.C Bluetooth lock that will make sure intruders never see it. Whenever you head for a vacation, make sure you turn on the travel mode in the KLIFIT app. Enjoy your safe trip while the A.B.C backpack keeps your backpack safe from pickpocketing. The 5000 mAh battery is the basic backup you will get from this backpack. You can always upgrade it to higher power backups if necessary. It’s time to give your backpack a major tech makeover.

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