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Vi – The First True Artificial Intelligence Personal Trainer

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Discovered on 2016-06-20

A great trainer makes working out 10x more motivating and effective- that’s why Vi was created! She is the world’s first true AI personal trainer who evolves to get to know you fully with each session. She will understand your habits and will motivate you to stick with your personalized fitness program to meet your goals. She lives in bio-sensing earbuds attached to a comfortable Bluetooth neckband for a totally hand-free training experience. Everyday that Vi runs with you she gets smarter and coaches you to real results- whether it be weight loss or faster runs. She will even pick out your favorite songs so you can run to the beat through awesome Harman Kardon speakers! You can always wear Vi as an all day hands-free device to answer phone calls or listen to music. Vi is here for you before, during, and after your run and she can’t wait to meet you.

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I think what they promised and what is being delivered has a huge gap. The team promise to deliver via software updates, but I think the lack of critical features advertised at the start of their crowdfunding campaign is very unprofessional. Suggestion is to hold off buying till product is mature.

Hey Eric- that's really strange. From what you're saying, you can't even go into the app to check which version you're running, right? Can you first uninstall and reinstall the app to see if this fixes the issue? If not, can you go into your phone settings, then apps, and click on Vi to check which version you're running? Then please email us at support@life-beam.com and let us know how it goes. Thanks and we're really sorry about the inconvenience!
Eric Winsberg
Vi is now constantly issuing a message that it is stopping, even when I am not running it. If I try to run it, it just crashes. What happened?
Hi Dax - Thanks for reaching out! We are sorry to hear you’re experiencing some troubles with Vi. We will contact you privately in order to address this issue.
Dax Choi
Hi. I have been a beta tester for Vi since the roll out. My only issues have been the lack of auto connect to my device and the random drop outs where the headphones literally just turn off without saying goodbye. I went to update Vi to 2.0 and after the long time it took to unpack the update it said that it was still 1. something something. then I went to plug the headphones in to charge since it took close to two hours to finish downloading the update and now my headphones are bricked. The Vi logo that pulses green while charging wont come on at all. >.<
Needless to say my run will be a little lonely today. Any suggestions?
Hey Michael - Thanks for reaching out and providing this information to us, please follow up to our support team at support@life-beam.com so we can further assist you. Thanks!
Michael Foden
Just went on my second run and I'm still loving it, but will log seperate tickets because I've run into two issues: 1. Can't seem to end my "free run" - I've got a screenshot handy but there doesn't seem to be an option. I had to kill the phone app and then load it to get it set to finished. 2. Right ear bud stops responding to taps. Was wanting to "step to the beat" or see how I always doing but couldn't tap.
My thigh and neck are less than 1.5m apart... Well within the 3m range you listed. Vi has issues staying connected (phone calls/music) at that range.
Hey Tzfardaya- Vi uses two channels of communication with the phone, BLE and Bluetooth. The Bluetooth connection can withstand a much larger distance allowing you to listen to music, make phone calls and provide button commands without any disconnections. On the other hand a BLE has a weaker signal and requires your phone to be within 3 meters. This is what's used for Vi's biosensors to detect your running metrics. Our team is working on improving the algorithms to enhance this but, as you could imagine this is a very difficult task! Hope that helps clear up some of your questions!
I am aware of that, but I also know of the 4 bluetooth headphones/headsets I have Vi is the only one which struggles with connection.. (all with the phone in my left thigh pocket.) Two work with no issues at a distance of 10m through a house floor and 3 walls..(phone in bedroom upstairs at the back of the house, me on main floor at front of house listening to music or on a call.
Angus Scott-Brown
The issue is if the signal is travelling through air or solid objects. Radio signals do get blocked quite easily- I bought a pair of running shorts with a phone pockets on the left inner layer, and had the same problem, so have to carry it on the right side of a running belt to ensure regular connection.
Hey, you never know, Tzfardaya! ;)
And Vi, not I...
How is it possible for the phone and I to be greater than 3m apart when one is around your neck, and the other in the small of your back... Unless the person in question is over 6m tall....
Hey Primoz! Eric just responded back to your request about the voice commands via support. Thanks!
Hey Robin- Vi works best when it is within 3 meters of your phone and if you're putting it in your back pocket while cycling this is something that can definitely happen. Though we have seen improvements with this case with the recent OTA and app updates. Pease email support@life-beam.com to let them know what is going on and share your earphones and app versions with them. Thanks!
Robin de jonge
Hi there, Thanks for VI.
I'm glad with it but i got 1 thing.
When i using VI on my bike i put mine Iphone 7 in the backpocket of my jersey.
The connection then is very very bad.
When i turn my head the connection get lost.
How can i fix this? Greetz Robin
Hi everyone, Do you guys see any improvements WRT the voice recognition with the latest OTA and app updates?
Hi Mario- I'm sorry to hear you have been experiencing some issues with the recent android update and we appreciate your feedback. We did improve the voice recognition with the recent OTA and app updates (and will continue to do so). But that update did not effect the responsiveness on the ASR button. That is the top priority for the upcoming OTA update to be released this month. If your app shuts down during your run, Vi should automatically save your run. You do have to start a new run (as you did), which we agree is not ideal, and we are working to improve that experience if errors like this do happen. For now, please email support@life-beam.com so they can look into both of these issues and fully assist you. Thanks!
Mario petit
After downloading the android update, i took Vi for another run today.
There were several problems.
Speech recognition did not work at all.
When i tap the button i hear the sound, but when it is finished my music starts to play again and i can't use any of the voice commands.
I tried it more then 10 times, every time the same result, speech recognition function does not kick in and the music starts to play again. Vi stays silent, nothing happens.

Also, after about 15 mins, the app shut down and i had to start it again (and start a new run). Are there more users that have the same problems after the update?
Hi LOOYONGJIAN- Are you able to click into the line that says "Earphones Version" to see the progress bar of your update? If it says you're at 100% or you think you have the update, turn off your device for 10 minutes. When you turn it back on you should have the new earphones version. If you've done both of these things, please email support@life-beam.com so they can further assist. Thank you!
Hello LifeBEAM, I updated the Vi app and connected the earphone to my phone as well via bluetooth and left it there for several hours. However ,I still see my earphone version still in and my app version is 0.9.47 (118 ) prod. Anybody can advise me ? I followed the instructions via in the post. i repost again, cause I do not know how to edit my previous comment.
Hello LifeBEAM, I updated the Vi app and connected the earphone to my phone as well via bluetooth and left it there for several hours. However ,I still see my earphone version still in and my app version is 0.9.47 (118 ) prod. Anybody can advise me ?
Hi Michael - Thank you for your feedback! We will contact you privately regarding this issue with the timezone.
Michael Foden
Went on my first run with Vi and I loved it! Just wish it was better at saving time data - I just uploaded my run to Strava and it's 10 hours off (guessing due to my timezone being GMT+10).
Thanks so much Andre! Hi ZhaoLin- please contact us at support@life-beam.com so we can figure out what's going on. Thanks!
Andre Schumann
Bass has already been better after the update, but with bass boost you can feel it now. Very nice! Good job guys. Massively increased the value of the product :)
ZhaoLin Chen
Anybody has an issue where activities after the update are exported properly, but activities before the update result in a tcx file that strava can't read?
Hi Joeri - We do have your email address and we will reach out to you via email. Thanks!
Joeri De Vries
hi lifebeam
i am glad it did! you can contact me. if you want to do that. on my e mail (i think you have it thru backerskit. it not let me know and ill sent it to you)
Hey Stephane - We are testing and finalizing the app now as we speak! We will be releasing this update by tomorrow or early next week!
Stephane C
When is the full android app coming?
Hi Joeri- Thank you so much for sharing your story with us. The whole team read it and wanted you to know how much of an inspiration you are to us and the Vi community. We're definitely going to reach out to you directly to talk more- we'd love to write a blog post or something about this! Talk soon. :)
Joeri De Vries
i want to tell you a storry and i hope it will inspire you and help you all to keep making such products en help others to keep going for their goal. after a few bad years and a car accindent that broke my leg in 3 places. i took a turn in my life i weighted at that time 120kilo so i started running i coudent run for mare than 1 minute but then slowly i could run longer and faster but it seemed i coudent run more than 2 kilometers. because then my leg started to hurt. soi get down a bit and wasen't motivated again to run and change my life. however when i got this divice i picked myself up to give it one more try. i had low expactation since i din't get over 2 kilometers the last time why would i succees this time? well i exctually enyoud the divice it helped me over my limit after e few weeks i could run 5km. i found a running mate and we "compeeded" in a race 7,5km in 46 minites i coudent believe it. so i din't want to stop with pushing myself and running just to see how far i will get this time. a few day's ago i hit 15km running in one push. in te hole proces i already lost 20kilo and i hope i will continu that path so one day i may be skinny again :) . also my running friend and i made a packt. since we run 15km we are now going for a half marathon in 2/3 months and we want to compeet with an iron man in a year. because a goal will help us keep going. i want to thank you all with this post the companny, the desingerns , the itt'ers the backpakkers and propebly a lot more people since o want to thank evryone who helpt this product to came to life. sincerly joeri
Hi Victor, Rene, and Hank- There was an issue with the server this morning that stopped users for logging in. Thank you all for bringing this to our attention, we were able to quickly solve the issue because of you guys. Everything should be all set now so let us know if you see any additional issues. Sorry for the inconvenience!
I am unable to log into the app as well.
Rene Ramon
I've had issues today as well. My fiance and I weren't able to use Vi today.
Victor Go
I tried to reset password and when I key in the new password, it say the user is not found. When I try to create the user, it says the account has been created already. What is going on?
Hi Paula- thank you for the kind words. As a a growing company this really means a lot to us!
Paula lynn Duke
I love you guys! Your customer service is bar none and they was customer service was always intended to be. One day you are going to be bigger than you ever imagined, never lose sight of what matters. Your customers. Thank you so much for your amazing duty to please! You Rick!!
Hi Rbbit- apologies for the delay the R+D team was looking into this. We have just responded to you.
Hi Santosh- we received your message on FB as well and replied back. Please either message us there or email us at support@life-beam.com.
Another two weeks without any response from support (my ticket number is: 9870), and my BPM reading problem in Android app remains unsolved. This product is useless for me :(
John Tobin
@Santosh... Are you trying to set up 2 Vis on the same phone? On the same account? That won't work. You need different accounts.
Santosh Kumar
I brought 2 Vi and trying to setup. Its taking only 1 name(the person who has brought).
How can this issue be taken care.
Hey Alari- Sorry you're experiencing some issues! We need to be able to look into your run logs in order to see what's going on. Can you please email support@life-beam.com about this? Thanks!
Alari Kannus
After the latest update Vi doesn't work correctly anymore. Average HR was 152 during last workout but Apple Watch given average 138. I think the latter was more correct. Also - I didn't got any response after the "step to the beat". I told it at least 10 times and got only 2 times "I didn't catch it". This occurred during 2 runs after the update. Don't like it.
Hey David - Please check this update which will give you instructions on the OTA: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1050572498/vi-the-first-true-artificial-intelligence-personal/posts/1895039 If you still can't get it to work, please reach out to support@getvi.com and we will have someone walk you through it. Thanks!
David Lim
Hi guys... I'm on iOS and have since downloaded the apps update last month. But till now, my Vi hardware has yet to be updated... any clue what's happening and how do I know if update to the Vi hardware is done via OTA??
Hi Björn - We will have to take a look at getting Vi to do those things. It sounds like a very cool suggestion. Hi Primoz - Yes! The Effort Guide is coming in the next Android update! Hey John - That awesome you got Vi to connect to your Polar V800. Thanks for letting us know about the earbud and stats issue - we are currently working on getting those issues solved as soon as possible. There's an update coming very soon!