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Vihoo Phone Ring Case

$32 USD
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Achieve ultimate protection with the Vihoo Phone Ring case which has been designed by a former aerospace engineer. Using aluminum 2-pc edge-to-edge engineering, it showcases the look and feel of your iPhone. It features eight different protection mechanisms with the latest technology. Incredibly, this case, with the Ultra Premium Corning Glass combo, helps your iPhone survive drops as tall as 16 feet. The Vihoo Case comes with a 2-year warranty on this combination. Our unique 2-piece hinged case absorbs shock while releasing energy. Vihoo then lines the entire case with super-dense cushioning impact pads-all while your phone lays on a cushion of air. The Phone Ring Case retains the original beauty of your Apple product. Simply place your iPhone in the tray and lower the hinged ring. The case secures into place with a satisfying click. With this design, the Phone Ring Case protects every side, angle, and edge of your device. The Vihoo Case utilizes ultra premium Corning Glass with 3D, curved edge and full-length protection to protect your screen. Without interrupting your iPhone’s signal, the Phone Ring Case uses magnets to stay in place no matter what. With the premium design of this case, you get seamless protection your device deserves. Don’t hide your phone – feel your device the way Apple designed it.

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