Napier Jigger Cocktail Measuring Cup

$27 USD
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Produce the perfect tipple every time with the Napier Jigger Cocktail Measuring Cup. This cup has easy-to-read stepped measures to take the guesswork out of making a balanced drink. The stunning vintage design of the Napier Jigger transports you back to the 1930’s era of classic cocktail craft. Creating and experimenting with drinks is now easier than ever. The Napier Jigger is so accurate and easy to use because the actual structure of the cup provides the measurements. Each tier in the stepped design has its own labelled unit, giving you precision even in dim lighting. In addition, the Napier Jigger is one-sided so it’s less messy than using double-sided jiggers at your home bar. Finally, the Napier Jigger comes in your choice of a silver plated or gold plated finish, or in solid copper. Or grab the Industry 2-pack, a pair of stainless steel jiggers with no handle for getting some serious work done.

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