Visus – Immerse Yourself Into The Game

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The world’s first consumer ready and affordable pc virtual reality headset. At the moment the best way to truly experience immersive virtual reality is through the life-like graphics of today’s pc games, but even though they are ultra realistic, they are locked on a PC monitor. Visus is the world’s first consumer ready and affordable virtual reality headset made for today’s ultra life-like PC games. The dedicated wire free and ultra low latency head tracking system onboard the Visus, which emulates mouse movements, is very stable and responsive, ensuring a seamless unity of your actual and virtual head movements, thus eliminating any uncomfortable feelings. Visus is completely wire free, with a front removable cover where any smartphone can be slipped in to act as a high definition screen, streaming your favorite game from the PC. And since the phone only acts as a wireless high definition screen, we are not dependent on its technical capabilities, the PC does the heavy lifting of running the games.

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