Vixole – Customizable E-Sneaker

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Explore, express and share – that’s the motive behind creating the Vixole Customizable E-Sneaker. The flexible LED display allows for virtually any design to be displayed on the back of the Matrix. You can upload personal designs and photos right from your phone, or choose from thousands of other existing graphics on the Vixole marketplace. Artist/designers can deeply redesign the graphic. Coders/Programmers can code the visual effects, and even match with music or sneaker’s movement. For example: dancing or skateboarding. The Vixole Matrix is equipped with 7 different sensors, each giving light to an unlimited number of possibilities. From displaying remix videos to your favorite characters, Vixole will make your footwear be your ultimate style trend. The coolest aspect of the entire design is that it not only adds technology to an otherwise simple sneaker but also retains the comfort you desire. Their goal was to source the best materials available and combine them with a minimalist and aesthetic, while still maintaining a lightweight, and functional design.

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