VoltTorch – Waterproof USB Battery Bank + CREE LED Flashlight

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VoltTorch is an attempt to come up with a design that works as a perfect flashlight and battery bank incorporating four great features. These include a high capacity 10,000 mAh Lithium Battery which can recharge most phones 4-6 times or power the flashlight for up to 15-20 hours at a stretch. If you only use the product as a flashlight, the battery capacity is higher than almost every flashlight out there.  Standard USB output can be used to re-charge your mobile device while standard micro-USB input can be used to recharge your VoltTorch which is why there will be no need for proprietary adapters that can get lost. You can always use your current AC charger and USB cable. The battery is also waterproof u pto 20 feet with a completely sealed housing. Along with this, VoltTorch is also dust proof, shock proof and freeze proof (operating temperature 15°F-110°F (-10°C-45°C).  The team has even used a super bright CREE LED lamp for the flashlight which has a 100,000 hour battery life that can easily last a lifetime. It measures 450 Lumens (true un-inflated lumens unlike most other flashlight specs) and has a 1,000 feet range. The design has a machined construction using premium aluminum body with a rubberized non-slip handle. The team has incorporated a hardened steel glass striker to break through car windows in an emergency.  If VoltTorch were simply a flashlight, it would be an incredibly bright, long lasting design which comes with a rechargeable battery and is rugged and water resistant too. However, adding the ability to recharge your mobile devices makes VoltTorch the perfect device for your home, auto or outdoor adventures too!

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