VQase The World’s 1st True Phone Case E-Cigarette

$70 USD
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As mankind leaves tobacco behind, they are looking for an alternative to turn to that can help them kick their nicotine addiction, but give them the same sensation that cigarettes do. E-Cigarettes/Personal Vaporizers have become the new/best alternative to smoking. One of the biggest problems with current E-Cigarettes/Personal Vaporizers is that they have become another device to have to carry around that are not as easy to come across as a conventional cigarette. They may also die on you without a warning, leaving you craving just one more puff. Worst of all if you lose an E-Cigarette/Personal Vaporizer its a major expense you may not want to afford and may turn you back to cigarettes. Our competitors seem to only be creating heavier and bulkier E-Cigarette/Personal Vaporizers to be able to store bigger batteries to ensure it lasts the entire day.

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