Oittm Intelligent Wake Up Alarm Clock

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Wake up on time every day when you have the Oittm Intelligent Wake Up Alarm Clock. Sitting on your nightstand, this clock does more than just tell the time. The Oittm Alarm Clock offers smart wake ups. On the side are blue lights so you know when the alarm is set. Then, you can opt to snooze come morning. In addition, the Oittm Alarm Clock has a conical shape and a lanyard. The intelligent technology within allows it to always display the time right-side-up no matter how it hangs. The cone section in the back actually functions as the perfect nightlight. At under 4000k, the light is perfect for late night trips to the loo. You can adjust the brightness between four levels. Finally, the Oittm Alarm Clock gets you ready for your day. It’s complete with a humidity and temperature sensor so you can get ready with the information in mind.

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