Walabot Stud Finder

$199 USD
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Have the knowledge before your DIY with the Walabot Stud Finder. Giving you look inside your walls, you can use this tool to find the best spot to drill a hole, hammer a nail, and avoid accidents such as damaging pipes. The Walabot device has adjustable sensitivity so you can see through a variety of types of walls in your home with ease. Attaching to your smartphone, the Walabot device lets you even take snapshots for later review. Walabot is able to detect plastic and metal pipes as well as electrical wires in addition to studs. Seeing through cement and drywall, Walabot can even determine and tell you the depth of the wall so you know which tools to use in advance. Perfect for homeowners and professionals alike, Walabot is a must have to keep your home safe during DIY.

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