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Wanderwatch – The World’s First Smartwatch for Kids that Gamifies Outdoors

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Discovered on 2016-06-08

Wanderwatch is a smartwatch that encourages outdoor play for kids. Outdoor play is essential for every child as it helps in keeping them healthy and happy. With Wanderwatch, you’ll be able to make the process super fun and safe at the same time. It is a fun device which comes with a touchscreen, interactive outdoor games, sounds, chat, and music. There is a magic beacon which interacts with Wanderwatch and acts like a treasure that needs to be discovered by kids. This smartwatch comes with a parents app which shows your child’s location and lets you communicate with them easily. Team Wanderwatch has redesigned the concept of a GPS tracker and made it more kid-friendly. With this smartwatch in hand, kids will now be more interested in playing outdoor games and staying physically active instead of focusing on video games alone.

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The Wanderwatch is a really nice concept for making IOT devices useful for kids and not only the parents. The price stated here is not up-to-date, as it’s currently 149.99€ (around 180$). Compared to all the other just gps tracker devices which kids won’t use for long, it’s really great!