Water Sports Tourniquets

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Here is an overview. We like to highlight the amphibious tourniquet as well as it get’s overshadowed by the novelty of the tourniquet leash. The amphib tourniquet is perfect for all other water sports, and air / land activities including military operations. The info below should be a good start for you. There is more info and photos if needed on social media sites, prefundia, indiegogo, etc. I can always send more too. What products or services do you offer? Wearable Amphibious Tourniquets are tourniquets specifically designed for sea, air, and land use. The Tourniquet Leash is the world’s only leash that is also a military style tourniquet. In the event of life threatening bleeding a surfer can rapidly apply a tourniquet to save their life or limb. The Amphibious Tourniquet is the only wearable tourniquet designed for air, sea, and land use. Easily worn on the body (wrist, ankle, etc), or equipment without the need to buy an additional holder like older tourniquets. Ideal for multiple water sports, activities, and numerous professions.

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