Radiate Reusable Waterproof Portable Campfire

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Make fire in seconds, even after a heavy rain shower, with the Radiate Reusable Waterproof Portable Campfire. This eight-inch tin holds enough recycled fuel to cook your marshmallows to perfection. The recycled soy wax and paper briquettes deliver impressive heat that lasts for five hours straight. In addition, these materials do not give off toxic fumes. In fact, the smoke doesn’t even smell bad. Being so small, Radiate is the ideal way to get instant warmth when you’re out hiking or camping. The flames are big enough and hot enough to cook hot dogs over. Furthermore, you can reuse Radiate for as long as the fuel lasts. It’s easy to light, and waterproof — simply drain away the excess water and you’re good to go. Just to top it off, this remarkable campfire is made in the USA.

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