WaterStrider – All-Terrain Drone Converter

$99 USD
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Compatible with the DJI Phantom 4 and Phantom 3 quadcopter, WaterStrider is an amazing all-terrain drone converter. WaterStrider insects glide naturally over water, inspiring the function and design of the WaterStrider, their patent-pending landing gear. It is elegantly designed to maximize flight performance, landing stability, buoyancy on water, and is ruggedly engineered and tested. The purpose of creating this accessory was to help drones land in water. But with increased features and enhancements, WaterStrider is capable of landing on almost any surface in a way that will help you get the perfect shot. The product is extremely durable and will help you give a new capability to your existing drone. So whether it’s about maneuvering around the pool before taking off, flying through the air, and landing on the ski slopes, the beach, or the grass you should have mowed last week, WaterStrider all-terrain drone converter will glide smooth through any surface at any point in time.

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