WAVE – An Enclosure That Reduces Smartphone Radiation

$118 USD
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WAVE offers radio-frequency radiation shielding, which dampens the amount of smartphone radiation you are exposed to overnight. The front cover provides RF shielding that decreases the amount of radiation exposed to anyone nearby, particularly in front of the enclosure. The smartphone could still receive and transmit information wirelessly because the rear of the enclosure is not shielded. In addition to the shielding feature, WAVE is designed to dock and charge your smartphone overnight. WAVE is made of plastic and is internally lined with a layer of high-performance RF radiation shield fabric. The fabric is sourced from Aaronia AG, a German-based company that specialized in RF screening solutions. The Aaronia-Shield fabric simultaneously protects against both RF and LF (low frequency) E-field radiation. The fabric is made of a high-tech shielding-fibre.”

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