WayCap Ez Refillable Coffee Capsule

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Help save the planet while you top up on your java with the WayCap Ez Refillable Coffee Capsule. Compatible with Nespresso machines, you can fill the capsule over and over again without producing waste. In addition, the WayCap Ez Capsule gives you the freedom to use any coffee grounds you’d like. Additionally, the WayCap Ez Capsule comes with three interchangeable tops. With this genius design, you can have a wide range of coffee ground sizes. Of course, the size of the grounds has a lot to do with the final flavor of your blend. The WayCap Ez Capsule allows for a larger range of customization so you can enjoy every cup from Nespresso (except for the Nespresso Essenza C90). With the stainless steel construction, the WayCap Ez Capsule is built to last forever. And, finally, the material is totally FDA compliant.

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