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Biostrap Wearable Health Platform

$250 USD
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Get a full overview of your health and record any workout with the Biostrap Wearable Health Platform. With a wristband and a shoepod, this device tracks your entire body and its movements. The Biostrap automatically monitors your activities and comes with the ability to train and quantify any workout. In fact, it works with gym routines, cycling, cardio, and even swimming. Incredibly, the Biostrap system can determine your activities and categorizes the type of exercise. In addition, the wearable understands your repetitive movements to also count your reps. The two wearables work in unison to deliver a full body analysis. The Biostrap also tracks your heart rate, blood oxygen saturation, respiratory rate, and even your sleep. With the Biostrap, you get the total package. Start tracking the important metrics for your life.

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