LumaGlo Crossbelt Wearable Illumination Belt

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Stay visible on all of your rides when you wear the LumaGlo Crossbelt Wearable Illumination Belt. Offering 360 degrees of visibility, this wearable ensures everyone on the road can see you. It’s perfect for cycling no matter what the light conditions. The LumaGlo Crossbelt offers impressive intelligence. The sensors inside the light system can actually detect when you slow down. When you do, the lights automatically deliver a brake light to those around you. The flashing red lights will instantly alert others on the road of your speed change. The LumaGlo Crossbelt offers you an extra level of peace of mind on your rides. Or, you can opt for a variety of moving light modes to ensure you’re visible to everyone on the road. In addition, you can choose to wear the wearable as you wish. It fits comfortably as a sash or a belt to illuminate your entire torso.

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