weSTAND – A Stand With a Mission

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A portion of each sale goes towards nourishing young brains in developing communities. The weSTAND is an elegant and practical stand for smartphones and tablets. But, what we are creating is a social mission and a story; a story about what we stand for. What do we stand for? Good design, creativity, busy minds…But most of all people. Real people with real problems and real ideas. We designed the weSTAND, an aluminum stand for smartphones and tablets with real people (who get their hands real full) in mind. The weSTAND has a sleek design that’s compatible with busy lives. It features: A charger entry for you to plug in while Skypeing grandpop, or transfer files to your phone. Compatible with thicker chargers (17 mm). High quality anodized aluminum. What is anodized aluminum you ask? It’s aluminum that’s been coated with a protective oxide layer by an electrolytic process that protects your stand from getting scratches.

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