White Matte Glaze Ceramic Vases from suramic

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Allow your fresh flowers to stand out with the White Matte Glaze Ceramic Vases from suramic. Handmade and inspired by the artist HeJing, this collection is contemporary and sophisticated. Available in three sizes, each vase begins with a cylindrical base and gracefully tapers at the shoulder. The smallest of the three Size A, has a bottom diameter of 2.9 inches and is 3.2 inches tall. Size B’s bottom diameter is 3.9 inches with a height of 4.7 inches. Size C, the largest, has a bottom diameter of just 3.4 inches and is 7.3 inches tall. The Size C also takes on a curvier form with a smoother shoulder. The necks of the White Matte Vases are elegantly narrow, allowing for just a few gorgeous stems to fit inside. Suitable to be used on their own, these vases make a stunning set.

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