ryfi Wi-Fi Pause Button

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Manage your kids’ time on the internet with the ryfi Wi-Fi Pause Button. This simple device is designed to reduce screen time in your house and encourage your kids to do their homework and chores. The ryfi router plugs into your modem or router for quick and easy setup which takes less than a minute. From there, the app gives you total control. Using the app or SMS, you can manually grant and remove access for users. You can also create schedules to fit in with your day, such as homework time. Furthermore, you can manage the settings in the app from anywhere in the world. You can even text ryfi to get status updates. You can also use the app to manage the rest of your kids’ time at home. For example, they can log their time spent doing homework and completing chores around the house. With this, you can set a list of tasks to complete before granting Wi-Fi access and reward their good behavior with extra screen time.

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