eto: Innovative Wine Preserving Decanter

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eto is a beautifully designed wine preserving decanter that gives you the freedom to enjoy wine at your own pace and never waste a drop again. Using innovative technology, this ground-breaking device keeps wine perfectly fresh, as proven by independent laboratory tests and a host of expert blind taste tests. eto is easy to use: Simply decant your wine to enhance the flavors by releasing the tannins and subtle notes. If you don’t finish the bottle, you push down on the neck to seal in the freshness of the wine. This is due to its patented preservation system that creates an airtight seal that halts the oxidation process. Store eto in a cool dark place for best results. The eto decanter has a revolutionary valve that opens automatically. Finally, eto is complete with a stunningly modern aesthetic and available with a stainless steel or copper finish.

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