Winebreather Carafe Deluxe by MENU

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Allow your wine to aerate for exceptional flavor with the Winebreather Carafe Deluxe by MENU. To use this system, simply pour in your favourite bottle of wine. The Winebreather Carafe Deluxe is equipped with a special cap that allows the bottle to stand completely upside down as it pours hands-free. The incredible design of the Winebreather Carafe Deluxe adds up to 10 times more oxygen to the wine in just 2 minutes so it can be consumed with the intended flavors. Just take the bottle down and flip the special cap to pour mode to serve or you can leave the bottle in place to return the wine to the bottle before bringing it to the table. With the Winebreather Carafe Deluxe, you can enjoy your wine as it was meant to taste in only two minutes.

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