WingLights Bicycle Indicators

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Welcome to the next step in the evolution of cycle safety – WingLights. It comes in two versions – WingLights Mag and WingLights Fixed. WingLights Mag are CYCL’s high quality bicycle turn signals. These lightweight, durable, waterproof turn signals are easy to install and even easier to use. Held in place via a metal mount and magnetic back, WingLights Mag produce a bright flashing light when activated. Not only can WingLights Mag be seen from all angles at any time of the day, they can also be turned on and off without moving your hands from the handlebars. When removed, the units clip together to form a keyring on a carabiner so that they are always within reach. With their sleek and subtle design, WingLights Fixed were designed with the daily urban commuter in mind. They stay firmly attached inside your handlebar ends and are tough enough to endure any weather conditions when left on your bike. WingLights Fixed are the next step in cycling safety innovation. Built with high quality aluminum. WingLights Fixed are bright, flashing amber direction indicators that can be seen from all angles during day as well as night. They fit directly into the ends of straight handlebars, gripping firmly to ensure that the indicators stay safe and secure on your bike. The indicators are turned on and off with a simple tap, making them easy to use when riding under all kinds of weather conditions.

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