FurniQi Bamboo Qi Wireless Charging Side Table

$199 USD
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Just leave your phone on the table to charge with the FurniQi Bamboo Qi Wireless Charging Side Table. Featuring a Qi Wireless Charging spot, the FurniQi table can charge any of your Qi compatible devices. Additionally, you can easily see where to place your device thanks to the subtle laser engraving. Likewise, the engraving makes it easy to put your device in the correct spot at night without any light. The elegant and simple side table uses a bamboo material, offering a unique look and feel that works well in any environment. Furthermore, the FurniQi table comes with a standard USB cable that matches the appearance of the table with its caramel color. Therefore, you can use any power source or USB wall adapter. Finally, the FurniQi table discreetly hides and isolates your electronics, so it functions as a regular side table.

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