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Auris Amplify Wireless Headphone Amplifier

Editor's Rating
Discovered on 2018-06-12

Quickly transform your favorite wired headphones into Bluetooth headphones with the Auris Amplify Wireless Headphone Amplifier. Complete with AAC, aptX and aptX LL audio codecs, this amp offers high-quality sound through Bluetooth connectivity. Featuring advanced 32-bit DAC, the headphone amplifier delivers an enhanced audio performance. Thanks to its aluminum housing, Amplify is lightweight, durable and sleek. It also comes with a convenient hands-free clip mount, making it easy to attach to your clothing or bag. In addition, you can use Amplify to make calls and control your music playback without having to take your phone out. Offering 12 hours of playtime on a single charge, the headphone amplifier keeps your music going throughout the day. Finally, you just need to plug in your favorite headphones and pair it with your smartphone to play your music wirelessly.

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Overview & Specs
Features :
32bit DAC
Connectivity :
Range :
Up to 33 Meters
Playtime :
12 Hours
Charging Time :
3 Hours
Weight :
Discovered on:
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Kickstarter Comments (48)

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Auris, Inc.
@Mack You can also signup on our website, https://theauris.com
via your homepage it was possible!
The sign up page don't work for me too. Not possible to enter a email address!
Auris, Inc.
We request all backers to signup here to get notified when we relaunch, https://mailchi.mp/theauris/amplify-relaunch
Auris, Inc.
@Mike It's unfair to blame this on us as we don't have access to your email address until after the campaign is successfully funded.
Mike Neimoyer
And now I’m getting all kinds of spam from XXX “dating“ sites. To an address that has never gotten this kind of spam in over 15 years of use
Auris, Inc.
Soren Sodergren
The sign up page don't work...
Maybe secret perks for people from here will be good.
I hope that a that Super Early Bird pricing for the "two unit package" will remain. Looking forward for this very promising device!
Auris, Inc.
@Brian Unfortunately we have the same information that Kickstarter relayed to you as well.
Jamie Chou
Don’t understand what happened on the suspension. Anyway I’ll suppoort Auris on indiegogo because I really like the amplify.
Brian Fried
I don't understand the suspension for spam when most of the spam I get related to campaigns comes from Kickstarter itself or the sites that help organize rewards. Please give us more information!
I am signed up also. Will await to back up on Indiegogo... P.S. But it will be good to find out the reason for be suspended.
Mark Gray
I was getting three copies of weekly marketing emails about this project, which is a bit excessive, but not beyond what I’ve seen other creators do. Maybe someone complained (not me). Still, I’d intended to cancel my pledge for other reasons, so Kickstarter just saved me the bother. Hope this project is successful elsewhere.
Akarawichaya Inthong
what's happen to this excellent project.
WTF Ks!!!!
Michael Blackwell
So something by an already successful company gets a kick in the head but actual scams cough::superscreen::cough nothing at all. Signed up on the list... now I wait!
Kevin Soss
Thank You Auris!!! I will be looking for that Super Early bird Pricing - as I placed backing for the two unit package!! That much confidence!!
Auris, Inc.
@Fred St-Pierre Yes we will offer the super early bird pricing.
Fred St-Pierre
So what about us super early bird backers? Will we get same pricing on the new campaign?? Kickstarter really sucks. What the hell man??
Auris, Inc.
Dear Backers thanks a lot for your overwhelming support, it really mean a lot to us in this difficult moment. We will be relaunching soon and will post the link here. Unfortunately Kickstarter has withdrawn our ability to post an update or message our backers and the only way we can keep you'll in the loop is here, so please keep watching this space. Thanks again.
Marsha Tyszler
I was shocked to get that suspension email! I didn’t see anything done by Auris that isn’t done by other campaigns — someone probably complained about cross-promoting or ads they’ve seen elsewhere. Auris doesn’t deserve this! Anyway, I’ll see you on IGG. Hopefully original backers will still get best pricing!
David Meilhac
@AURIS Please keep us informed about a relaunch. I don't trust kickstarter very much about protecting backers, but I trust you at Auris about delivering a great product.
Good luck !
Ryan Wiebe
I'm thinking one of the backers was complaining about something to KS but I have no idea about what. I will look for you on IGG.
Will it still have the share option and aptx HD? Or does that depend how much is pledged on indiegogo?
Jason Parrott
@Auris That sounds about right, KS as fair as ever ;) see you on indiegogo.
Auris, Inc.
@Backers We don't know what just happened except that Kickstarter screwed us! We received an email from them today at 10:28AM EST stating that we didn't comply with their guidelines and the project would be suspended within 48 hours. The reason stated was "A creator, or an affiliated service, spamming potential backers with promotional materials, or improperly sharing backers’ personal contact information with other parties." We tried to contact them and explain everything but they just suspended the project at 5:18PM EST without giving us time to provide an update to our backers. We don't know what to say except that we are devastated. We will be launching amplify soon on Indiegogo so please watch this space for an announcement. Thanks for your support.
Jason Parrott
I'm not sure what they did wrong? The message is pretty vague, surely it could have been worked out?
I've backed a previous project by Auris and it was one of the best, most professional products that I have received from kickstarter. On the flip side, I have also backed also quite a few kickstarter projects where everyone got ripped off and kickstarter did folk all about it, gave no refunds and kept their commission. Great work kickstarter, shut down good projects and let the scammers take all the money.
I already have their BluMe and it is brilliant. They know what they’re doing. I certainly don’t remember being spammed by them. What is going on here? Did KS cancel this one by mistake maybe? I wish they’d cancelled the similar project from a year or so back.
Rudy De Volder
At Ryan, I got exactly the same feelings, they say that it's to protect the backers. I can tell you that I lost already lots of money with Kickstarter before. Sorry kickstarter but you didn't protect me.
Kevin Church
Well, this would have been cool if they hadn't broken the rules. I know this campaign will probably end up on IGG but I hate their platform -- too many scams. I guess I'll order a Fiio BTR1.
Zachary Reese
@Andrew They don't get anything if the campaign is suspended.
Whilst I understand that Kickstarter has policies in place to protect backers, it’s be really useful to have a bit more information.
Ryan Wiebe
WTF!! This appeared about as solid as Kickstarters go. They have a series of successful and well reviewed products that have already been funded on Kickstarter. They understand the industry and were proactive answering questions. Not sure what to make of this
Can you make statement !?
Andrew Nar
So, AURIS, any update on what’s going on with the 100k you have... or is this all a big misunderstanding?
Zachary Reese
Coming soon to indiegogo then, I guess
Oliver Shanklin
"A creator, or an affiliated service, spamming potential backers with promotional materials, or improperly sharing backers’ personal contact information with other parties."
From the email sent by Kickstarter.
Michael Bredehorn
We need an explanation, now!
Roger Smith
Dude. I’ve been really looking forward to this. After a similar KS product is over a year late and counting, I was hopeful I’d found a good solution. Damn.
NZ Nick
The heck? Why was the project suspended?
shay mosko
How can I set my shipping address?
Auris, Inc.
@NZ Nick Yes the music will sound much better then connecting through the audio jack of your Galaxy S5. BT 5.0 is backward compatible with previous versions of Bluetooth and will pair with your S5.
Auris, Inc.
@T Cottrill Thanks for the suggestion, we shall update the page soon with details of AAC. Also the first step is always Bluetooth encoding.
NZ Nick
So for us non-audiophiles. The benefit of this device is that my music will sound louder, clearer and better then using the audio out jack on my Galaxy S5? Which means to take advantage of this, I'll need a set of ear buds better than the $5 ones I have right? I assume BT 5.0 will pair with my S5?
+1 for LDAC. My phone supports it.