Xfinity xFi Wireless Wi-Fi Extender Pods

$119 USD
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Improve the Wi-Fi coverage in your home with the Xfinity xFi Wireless Wi-Fi Extender Pods. These unique pods solve internet connectivity issues in homes with multiple stories and up to four bedrooms. Combining the xFi pods with Xfinity Internet eliminates dead spots, offering more consistent coverage in your home. Likewise, it creates a mesh Wi-Fi network by working seamlessly with your xFi Gateway. Just plug the pods into any indoor electrical outlets and install the xFi app to start using them immediately. You can also control and monitor all your Wi-Fi activity through the app. If you don’t have Xfinity Internet yet, determine the speed you require to choose your package and purchase your pods. The pods come in three and six-pack options. Once you have your pods, just open the app to self-install them.

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