Grovemade Wood Desk Shelf System

$180 USD
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Give your workspace a makeover with the Grovemade Wood Desk Shelf System. Featuring real wood, this collection is complete with a variety of modules to make your desk picture perfect. At the heart of the Desk Shelf System is the actual desk shelf. This unit sits at the back of your desk and takes this up a notch – literally. It puts your display at the optimal ergonomic level for your eyes. In addition, the Desk Shelf System includes the Felt Desk Pad. On this, you can rest your keyboard as well as your mouse for effortless scrolling and control. Plus, the natural wool material feels great on your wrists. For those with laptops, you can pair the shelf with the Laptop Lift to make working with multiple screens a breeze. For the small bits cluttering your desk is the Desk Tray. It has space for your utensils, smartphone, glasses, and more.

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