TT8 Wooden Multifunctional Turntable

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Indulge in audio luxury with the TT8 Wooden Multifunctional Turntable by Minfort. Combining technology and a retro aesthetic, the use of natural materials makes this system truly bridges form and function. TheTT8 produces warm and uncompressed sound from your vinyl albums. The Audio Technica AT3600L cartridge glides beautifully through the grooves to achieve optimal sound quality. Or, using Wi-Fi or Bluetooth, you can connect your smartphone to access your entire music library. Either way, the TT8 delivers ultra-smooth audio every time. On the top are built-in controls for play/stop, pitch control, 33/45 RPM, and an eject switch. With a built-in amplifier, you can connect to any passive speakers or use ones from the gorgeous Minfort range. Available in teak, walnut, or oak wood, the TT8 system and the accessories bring warmth to any environment. And, because each piece of wood has its own grain pattern, no two systems are identical.

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