Woodsman Clock Wall Decal

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This Woodsman Clock Wall Decal from WallsNeedLove is a decal tucked in behind a wall clock mechanism, making it look like a piece of wooden art. It adds a rustic touch to your décor, and you’ll feel like putting up a moose head next to it and chop up some wood to get a warm fireplace going. Anyone seeing it for the first time will be hard-pressed to find out that it’s not real wood, but just an adhesive backed decal. The clock mechanism is fixed to the decal with a simple screw, so it’s as easy an installation as can be. Paste the decal, screw in the clock mechanism and you can kick back and literally watch the time go by. It comes in two sizes, with a small decal and clock hands, and a larger decal with longer clock hands to match.

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