All Black Socks For Hardworking Professionals & World Travelers

$20 USD
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With the Wool Fresh socks, you will finally enter the world with odor out and freshness in. A sustainable, biodegradable wool sock that keeps your feet smelling fresh. Experience a more comfortable working day with Wool Fresh because it keeps your feet cool and dry with no smell. Wool Fresh can handle the wear and tear from physical work, and can even keep your shoes smelling fresh. The mission of Wool Fresh is to send workers home happy. They’ve designed a new, natural performance fabric that keeps you cool and dry with no smell.  It permanently prevents the growth of unwanted bacteria and rids foul smelling foot odors. The goals of the Wool Fresh fabric are no bacteria, no sweat, and no smell. They have created two styles of socks with Wool Fresh inside. The ‘No Show’ and the ‘Boot Cut’ make the benefits of Wool Fresh available to all types of workers. The Wool Fresh fibers filter bacteria, sweat, and odor so that you have fresh smelling feet at the end of a tiring day.

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