Wottle Water Bottle, Hand Warmer + Power Bank

$39 USD
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Make the most of your winter by keeping your drinks and hands warm with Wottle. It’s the coolest water bottle that can work as a hand warmer and a power bank. Yes, you heard that right! Coming in two designs (Wottle and Wottle Lite), this water bottle can keep your drinks warm for long hours. What makes it one of a kind is its functionality as a hand warmer. Simply long press the power button for 2 seconds to turn on the hand warmer. The device can serve as a handy power bank for your phone whenever it runs out of charge. The design is waterproof to avoid any leakage and comes in several colors to choose from. Since it’s the season of holiday shopping, this would be a great gift for all the travelers and workaholics in the family! Currently crowdfunding on Indiegogo, you can get your Wottle and Wottle lite for a pre-order price of $56 and $39 only.

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