Xiaomi Ninebot Mini Self Balancing Scooter

$449 USD
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Launched by Ninebot, a Xiaomi portfolio company, the Ninebot mini is a scooter without a handle. The beauty of this scooter is in the fact that it steers by detecting movements from riders’ legs and will predict by itself where they wish to go. But you can always control the Ninebot Mini from a corresponding smartphone app, if required. The app will act as a speedometer, and show traffic data or if there are any faults in the scooter. The scooter comes with spectacular features and weighs weighs 12.8 kilograms. It can travel 22 kilometers on a single charge and reach speeds of up to 16 kilometers per hour. Not only this, the Ninebot Mini is even capable of going up 15 degree slopes. What really makes the scooter a beauty is the design. It’s sleek, stylish and definitely a form of personal transportation you can easily flaunt on the go. In just a few minutes, you can now ride through the streets on a scooter that doesn’t include a handle but has a knee-high steering stick instead.

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