Yardian – Your Yard Guardian

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Yardian is the world’s first hybrid smart irrigation controller and security camera to make your yard greener and more secure. Figuring the correct amount of water to keep your garden hydrated is often a time-consuming process. But with Yardian, you can now ease that stress without compromising the health of your garden at all. Yardian uses a 12-zone weather-based “smart program” to calculate your watering schedule based on zone profile, local weather (to calculate evapotranspiration or ETo), and local weather restrictions on our cloud servers. No manual programming needed – everything is ready to go from the start. The weatherproof design doesn’t require an outdoor enclosure while the cycle-soak method will prevent water run-off and makes your sprinklers more efficient. But what makes Yardian one of a kind is the built-in security system. Currently, there are four burglaries per minute in the United States, and it only takes 6 seconds to open a garage door. With Yardian, you can keep your lawn green and your home safe at the same time. It leverages its prime location to transmit real-time video streaming of your garage or backyard. With its always-on Internet connection, you can view the security streams anytime and anywhere.

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