ZAKISTAR – Comfortable & Classy Pebble Covered Flip Flops

$20 USD
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Imagine the feeling of warm sand between your toes massaging your feet with every step. Now you can have that feeling every single summer day, be it in your home, on the streets, in the workplace, while shopping or just hanging out with your friends with the ZAKISTAR flip-flops. ZAKISTAR Flip Flops are like Jaguar amongst cars. With every car, you can get from destination A to B, but you can feel the difference. You can now get yours with all the benefits of walking barefoot but with style! Your feet will thank you. There are three basic models to choose from such as the signature yellow flip flops with red Zaki mark, white with natural beige straps and yellow with beige straps. You can personalize them even more by choosing your favorite word, name or simple symbols to be added. You can also make a choice between white and black straps.

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