Zeewatches – Create, Buy And Sell Your Own Watch

$25 USD
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Zeewatches offers you a chance to design, personalize and buy or sell your custom watch. You will be allowed to build a watch you always wanted with countless possibilities of customization through designing your own watch face, uploading any image or graphics you want on it, choosing and mixing straps and few smaller parts of the watch. The final result will be 100% unique custom watch designed by you. The faces and straps are interchangeable, so you can easily mix the faces with any strap color you want to match your mood or outfit. Zee watches are affordable and will be available with 12 strap colors. As mentioned our watch will be fully customizable up to tiniest details – you will even be able to customize the color of the watch hands and strap loops. What’s more anyone will be able to open up his own store on Zeewatches website, upload his/her designs and sell it with profit. The process of designing, buying and selling your watches will be very simple and user-friendly.

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