ZEIº – The Revolutionary Time Tracking Device

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Manage your time effectively with technology by using ZEIº, the revolutionary time tracking device. Connecting to your smartphone, tablet, or computer with an app, this compact device empowers you to use your time efficiently and wisely throughout your day. To begin tracking, you simply assign the eight sides of ZEIº different tasks such as emails, socializing, coffee breaks, brainstorming, or anything else that takes up time during your day. When you switch your activity, flip ZEIº over to reveal the task at hand on the top. The polygon is able to keep track of exactly how much time you spend on each task, giving you reliable data for you to analyze. The easy to read interface of the app enables you to view your time from an objective standpoint and make adjustments. ZEIº gives you the power to take charge of your time, finish projects, and make sure you take that much needed break.

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