Zip n Store – Food Storage, Simple and Easy!

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Zip n Store is a revolutionary food storage system that simplifies the way you store, organize and find your food! It is an ideal product for those who love to have an organized kitchen. With three different ways to help you store your food, Zip n Store is storage made simple and easy. The coolest feature of this storage solution is that it utilizes the hidden power of Ziplock bags. Not only are Ziplock bags light, easy to store, and convenient but they also preserve food much longer than any air-filled Tupperware container. Zip n Store takes the convenience and usability of zip lock bags to create a storage solution that will end your days of having to dig around your cupboard looking for the lid of that plastic container – or save the misery of finding your left over tuna…three months too late. Now, the only problem with Ziplock bags is that it can be a big mess to get food into them! Zip n Store has solved that problem with the Chop n Fill mat. The Chop n Fill is a flexible funnel-like product that makes sure you never have a mess to deal with when you store your food. The Chop n Fill mat also acts as a cutting board, so you don’t have to transfer ingredients from one surface to another. The combo makes a perfect solution to organize your modern kitchen!

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