Zubi Flyer – The First Hackable Frisbee is Ready to Go

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The first hackable toy of its kind; Zubi Flyer teaches real code in a fun, simple way. Created by a mom, Fuze Interactive’s new Zubi Flyer makes learning to code fun and easy! At first, for building the design, kids need to snap the cap into the flyer and then use three screws to secure the PCB into the flyer cap. Next, they will have to push buttons, or wave a magnet wand to hack into nine different light and sound games! You can also connect Zubi to your computer and learn how to code the lights, buzzer, and games, or change the disc program entirely! By pushing buttons on the device or waving a magnetic wand, you can hack into different backyard electronic games. Included games can be played individually, with a friend, or with the entire family.

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