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1 Dimensional Cube

Feb 222018

Inside Labyrinth Puzzle Cube

The Labyrinth Puzzle Cube has five cubes, each a blind three-dimensional maze with seven labyrinthine layers. The five of them combine into a monstrous multi-storey maze.

Feb 222018

WonderCube: 8 Mobile Essentials In One Cubic Inch

Neatly folded in just 1-inch, the cube is completely covered without any exposed contacts. It’s incredibly durable and compact. A cable designed to be with you everywhere!

Feb 222018

Question Block Lamp & Stand

The stand is not exactly a work of art, but the overall effect of the cube and stand together brightens up the room in more than one way.  

Feb 222018

One Line Spice Rack

Each spice rack comes with 15 glass mini cube bottles with cork tops.  

Feb 222018

The X Cube

Crowdfunded by puzzle lovers on Kickstarter, this is going to make even the most efficient Rubik’s Cube puzzle lover go nuts. But who knows what your tiny brain has in store.

Feb 222018

Ice Skull Mold

Just fill the tray with water, freeze, and pop out the ghoulish geometric cube into your favorite drink. Each tray makes one large death-defying ice cube. Dishwasher safe.