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Feb 222018

Yoga Flexer Portable Training Device

The Yoga Flexer features a yoga mat, resistance bands, stretching roller, fitness bar, and handle weights. In addition, the yoga mat can roll out to the length of your choice.

Feb 222018

Moon Phases Yoga Mat

Inspired by a beautiful night under the stars and the cycles of the moon as an art form, this yoga mat adds peaceful serenity to your yoga practice.

Feb 222018

Self-Rolling Yoga Mat

Use a yoga mat that can stay flat or roll up when you need it to with the YoYo Mats Self-Rolling Yoga Mat. Unlike traditional exercise or yoga mats, YoYo mats roll up all by themselves.

Feb 222018

Sleep Yoga™ Posture Pillows – Improve Posture And Help Sleep

Yoga helps strengthens our core muscles and keeps our body flexible, which, in turn, improves our posture; not only does this delay the effects of time and prevent stiffness and pain, it also allows us

Feb 222018

BallerYoga Luxury Yoga Mats

Just like a quarterback needs his grip, these mats won’t let you slip and slide as you exhale into downward dog so you can have a safer and more comfortable yoga experience.

Feb 222018

Feline Yogi Cat Yoga Mat

Just like a traditional yoga mat, this one offers a cushioned spot for stretching, relaxing, and a little mental stimulation. However, this one is made just for your feline friend.