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1220 V3 | Gadget Flow

1220 V3

Feb 222018

Writing and Drawing Machine

In addition to your pencils, the AxiDraw V3 is compatible with fountain pens, markers, and other utensils.

Feb 222018

Espresso Machine

Also equipped with pressure gauges, the Cellini Premium Plus V3 delivers the finest espresso.

Feb 222018

Dominator V3 – The First Person Viewer Drone Goggles

Using an HDMI mini port for connectivity with 720p resolution in a 16:9 format, the Dominator V3 can also save your videos as they record so you can relive the experience again and again.

Feb 222018

Flyboard V3 Complete Kit By Zapata

The new v3 model features many advancements including special bindings that have been exclusively designed and engineered for the Flyboard® to provide rigid forward and back stability while allowing for

Feb 222018

MGCO Minimalist Leather Wallet V3

Carry only what you need with the MGCO Minimalist Leather Wallet V3. Featuring a minimalist and simple design, the MGCO Leather Wallet holds everything you need for the day.