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12rt Motorcycle Helmets

Feb 222018

Babaali Smart Helmet

Finally, there’s the Smart Construction Helmets, which can be built to customer specification and includes features such as heart rate monitoring, speed, temperature, oxygen, VOC, pressure and more.

Feb 222018

BrakeFree Smart LED Safety Device

Additionally, the device fits most helmets already so you simply need to put it in place.

Feb 222018

Ultimateaddons IPhone Motorcycle Mount

In addition, the Motorcycle Mount is complete with a Din Hella waterproof charging cable as well as an Apple 8-pin waterproof adapter cable. Easy to set up, the cables plug right in.

Feb 222018

Thousand Epoch Collection Stylish Helmets

Each of the Epoch Helmets features beautiful vegan leather straps that are adjustable for a perfect fit.

Feb 222018

Thousand – Finally, A Bike Helmet You’d Actually Want To Wear

We didn’t wear helmets, but after the loss of a friend, we wondered why. Especially after researching the statistics. In the US, there are roughly 1,000 bicycle-related fatalities in a year.

Feb 222018

Foldable & Recyclable Helmet

Styrofoam helmets take over 500 years to break down and never really decompose; this one has been designed to be recycled right back into more helmets after use.